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Ectoplasm is a book of sequential drawings- still lives made up of the same toilet paper and aluminum foil. As the drawings progress, the materials in the images break down and fragment. View more images in the Ectoplasm gallery. 

$3.00 (+ $1.50 shipping & handling)



 La Petite Mort 

La Petite Mort is a mini-comic that takes on the zombie genre with a comic twist. View more images in the La Petite Mort gallery. (12 pages, Black & White) 

$2.00 (+ $1.50 shipping & handling)




 Sockford (Part 1)

 Sockford tells the tale of a teenage boy who tries to wash away the evidence of his “solo activities,” but ends up with a shocking surprise that is much harder to hide. View more images here. (40 pages, B&W)

$6.99 (+ $3.00 shipping & handling)