Another Dungeon Face Drawing

I was tonight's guest artist for Aaron Delamatre's Dungeon Face, an interactive facebook comic. For three weeks, Aaron is letting a mad scramble of different artists take over the story, so now is a great time to check it out, and learn about some new folks.

Check it out here.


A Great Review at Optical Sloth

I just noticed a great review of La Petite Mort on Optical Sloth. I'm pretty sure this is the first written review of it, and he has some pretty kind things to say, including:

"...I’ll be damned if Russell didn’t handle it perfectly." 

"...this comic is professional as can be." 

And most importantly:

"Give him your $2..." 

Yes, please do that.


"Hilarious & Gross"

That's what Daniel Martin Moore says about my mini-comic, La Petite Mort. He was kind enough to mention it in his end-of-the-year "Top Things" list which appeared on both Sub Pop's blog and Pitchfork.com. Thanks, Daniel!

 Good thing this photo was already black & white


Shops That Carry La Petite Mort

The following shops should currently have a copy of my mini comic, La Petite Mort, or should be carrying it soon. Please visit these fine institutions since they obviously have impeccable taste! If you know of a shop that you think should carry my comic, have them contact Tony Shenton at shenton4sales(at)aol.com.

Arcadian Comics & Games
627 Monmouth St
Newport, KY 41071 

Bergen Street Comics
470 Bergen Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217 

Chicago Comics
3244 N Clark St
Chicago IL 60657

Double Break
1821 5th Avenue,
San Diego, CA 92101

4037 Hamilton Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45223

Fantastic Comics
2026 Shattuck Ave.
Berkeley CA, 94704

Forbidden Planet
840 Broadway
NYC, NY 10003 

Jim Hanley's Universe
4 W 33rd St
NYC, NY 10001 

Meltdown Comics
7522 Sunset Blvd. 
Los Angeles, CA 90046

Needles & Pens
3253 16th St
San Francisco, CA 94103 

Shake-It Records
4156 Hamilton Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45223

Traders of Babylon
66 Willow Ave. - Suite A
Hoboken, NJ 07030 



Dungeon Face

I'm guest-cartooning for my friend Aaron Delamatre's interactive Facebook comic, Dungeon Face. Everyday the story is continued in a single panel and the reader is then given three choices of what they want the protagonist to do. They vote by "liking" their favorite option. I'll only be doing it for about 4 days, but you should keep following Dungeon Face, because it's hilarious.

Check it out here.