The Random Bestiary

I've created a new online project called The Random Bestiary that is an online blog of fantasy drawings. The drawings are made by rolling a twenty-sided die 3 times. Each die roll corresponds to one of three lists. One is a list of attributes, and the other two are lists of unique animals. The drawing is then created based on the three words that are rolled. I then write a brief description of the animal in a sort of "monster manual" style. In a way it is kind of like illustrating in reverse, because the writing follows the drawing instead of the other way around.
Check out the new gallery page or the full blog at

The Year of the Unicorn

I was excited to participate in the Year of the Unicorn 2015 calendar with this drawing (which became Mr. January). The Year of the Unicorn was a successful Kickstarter project that was launched by Matt Bryan.

For my entry I wanted to challenge some of the cliche queer connections made with unicorns by avoiding pink and rainbows, but also celebrate the queerness by shattering the unicorn's fence and chains. My drawing is based one of the famous Unicorn Tapestries that can be seen at The Cloisters in New York.


New Illustration in Redleg Annual

I am very excited to share this illustration that accompanied an article by Zan McQuade in the Redleg Annual 2015. The article is all about the role of social media in the lives of professional baseball players. This image was inspired by an actual encounter she had with Mat Latos who asked her why anyone would want a picture of him on their cellphone. 

If you aren't familiar with it, this image is based on this famous photograph of George Brett:

You can purchase the Redleg Annual here




So... I made a new book! It's a small, experimental book of drawings. I wouldn't exactly call it a comic, but "sequential art" fits the bill nicely. There isn't really a story, but the drawings are presented in the order of their creation and hopefully some sort of meaning can be gleaned from this. You can see all of the drawings in the Ectoplasm gallery here.



I've added some images of the illustration work I recently did for Untethered Theater's production of Revelation to my gallery. Unfortunately the show is over, so... sorry if you missed it.